We take pleasure in sharing with you our experiences over the last three decades. It has indeed been a long, exciting & fulfilling journey and it would not have been possible for us to be where we are today without your patronage.
Beginning with ‘Single Camera Assignments’, meant for coverage of small events, we have now grown to become one of the most sought after Video Production Houses, specializing in coverage of big scale events like Conferences, Musical Concerts, Political meets, Weddings, TV Media programme’s, besides continuing coverage of small & medium scale events.

Our services include Single & Multi Camera Productions In Full HD with remote operated Jib Cranes, Drone Cameras, LED Video Walls, Post Production in 4K, HD, 3D & Candid Digital Photography, to mention a few.

Pro Video Services – Pioneers

Among the first to introduce On-line Video Mixing in Video Coverage (1989)
• First to introduce Titling & Sub-titling in Regional languages for the TV Media (1991)
• First to introduce ‘Broadcast Quality Mixer’ (1991)
• First to introduce ‘Broadcast Quality Camera’ for On-line Mixing (1994)
• First to introduce ‘Mini Jib’ for TV Media (1996)
• First to introduce ’20 Ft. Remote Jib’ (2005)
• First to introduce ’32 Ft. Cammate & Jimmy Jib’ (2006)
• First to introduce ‘3 Camera CCU Set up’ (2006)
• First to introduce ‘Indoor LED Wall’ (2009)
• First to introduce ‘Outdoor LED Wall’ (2010)
• First to introduce ‘On-line Full HD Mixing with Four HD Cameras & Output on Blu-ray Disc’ (2011)
• First to introduce ‘HD Ready Indoor Black-bodied Slim P 4 LED Wall’ (2012)
• First to introduce ‘ 3 D Video in Candid 3 D Highlights format (2013)
• First to introduce ‘ Out Door P 7 LED Wall (2013)
• First to introduce ‘ 4 K Ultra High Definition – UHD,      (2015)
Our Sister concerns:

  • Omkar Computer Graphics
  • Tarasri Production



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