What is 4K and what does it mean to me?

Remember the first time you saw your first High Definition TV and it was so clear your eyes hurt a little? After that you could never go back to standard definition. 4K or Ultra High Definition, UHD, is the same leap in clarity, color, and resolution. It is a 4 time larger picture and it is the new standard that is already here.
The difference is quite literally huge. 1080p HD is about 5 years old as a standard here. 4k has been in the making for the last 5 years and is now the new TV standard. Your next TV will be 4k… will your wedding?



Digital Delivery? What does that mean?

Everyone shares everything now. You also want your videos in crystal clear High Definitive.
DVD’s are not HD they are standard definition. Plus more than likely you are going to want to make copies and send your videos out to your friends and family correct?
Digital delivery gives you High Definition, or Ultra High Definition (4k) depending on your package, that is easy to copy and share. Put them on flash drives, hard drives, or your favorite file sharing program like drop box.